A fishing paradise

Løvøen Gård is a place with maritime and historical atmosphere


For decades the Hansen family was running Løvøen Gård till they decided to sell the fishing camp in 2021. Today Kevin Hobbins and Tom Krüger are the new owners and hosts. Both are German citizens, but at a young age they decided to move to Scandinvia to work with sport-fishing tourism. They are both passionated anglers and today their hobby is their profession. They started working as fishing-guides in Central Norway in 2009 and, thanks to their collected experience for more than a decade, they now have plenty of tips and tricks which they are happy to share with you.
The first buildings of the farm were built around 1850 and the other buildings were completed within the next 20 years. In addition to the traditional agriculture, there was also a fish market, a food store, a post office, a canning factory and a bakery. During that time the farm was a lively trading place here at the coast.

The bakery was closed in the 1950s. The fish marked shut its doors in 1972 when the herring fishery was stopped simultaneously. The food store was the last to close in 1986 when the bridge at Kvalpsundet was built connect Lauvøya to the mainland. Suddenly the source for the main income was gone and the Hansen family invested in a different product. They started to accomodate tourists at Løvøen Gård.

In 1990 family Hansen began to restore the main building, which today is devided into the apartments Kårstua, Midstua and Borgstua. Since then our guests are enjoying their holiday in a building with historical flair. The renovation was premiered in 1991 with the construction award of the municipality of Vikna and to this day many regular customers return year after year.


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